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Tuesday 26 May 2020

BBC Music Memories

On BBC Music Day the latest version of BBC Music Memories was released. This is the ground-breaking website that stimulates memory through music, designed especially for people living with dementia using the extensive BBC archives.

BBC Music Memories has been designed to help people with dementia start to create a playlist of personally meaningful music. These playlists can be added to a database of the nation’s favourite music via a survey embedded in the website, and printed off to create a record of someone’s selections.

The new version has a wider music selection, including international, regional and social music, including football and pub songs, religious songs and nursery rhymes. New music clips will also reflect the diversity of the UK, with music from countries including Bangladesh, Greater China, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Italy, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Spain, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

BBC Memory Radio

A brand new digital tool, BBC Memory Radio, was also released, hosted on the BBC Music Memories website, offering an immersive experience. Memory Radio features specially selected content from the BBC Radio Archives, decade by decade, to create an audio experience for people living with dementia. Currently, there are three 90 minutes programmes covering the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

The programmes have been developed using focus groups of people with dementia experts and professional carers. Each programme is accompanied by a downloadable Activity Sheet which contains suggested conversation topics, information about the content and quizzes.

The programmes are also available on BBC Sounds – just search for Memory Radio, and on Alexa devices – just say ‘Alexa, ask the BBC for Memory Radio’.


Wednesday 13 May 2020

Supermarket Shopping Slots

Tesco etc are assessing requests for priority slots for the vulnerable. If you are unable to go and use the early shopping hours set aside for family members to shop for vulnerable customers (eg 9-10am at Tesco) because you too are self-isolating, then you can phone their online shopping helplines to register for a priority delivery slot if you already have an account with them .(eg tesco is 0800 917 73590 and a Clubcard account will suffice) 

You can find out more Info at their websites eg tesco.com/help/groceries-faq, then click on COVID 19.

Supporting Your Immunity

To reduce your chances of catching Covid-19, follow government guidelines including regularly washing your hands and avoiding physical contact with others. This is particularly important for protecting at-risk groups including people with existing health conditions, the elderly and pregnant women.

Lockdown is working, so we all need to continue to work to flatten the curve. While it might feel like there is a lot of uncertainty right now, there are still many positive things we can all do to support our health and that of the people around us at this difficult time. One of them is making sure we are supporting our immune system by eating a plant-rich diet that supports the trillions of microbes living within our gut, collectively known as the microbiome.

You can find out more about the connection between your immune system and your gut here: https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/how-to-boost-immunity

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Emergency Garden Clearance Service

If you are a self-isolating household and urgently require garden clearance to keep yourself safe at home, contact Kathrine.Foy@eastherts.gov.uk, 01992 531472 for a referral into this service.

This service is available until end of June 2020.

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