Wednesday, 30 September 2020


A resident has warned others of a scam she narrowly avoided.

29th September 2020 11.05 – 11.10 a.m

Received a call from Crime Awareness UK who said they were in the area for next couple of days.  They were something like ‘safer neighbourhood’ and were calling on people to install a system.  At first I thought it was police notifying us that they were in the area and teaching us track and trace.  The lady said they would be carrying police authorisation when they arrived.  They would need to see equipment that we have, which I took to mean mobiles, phones and laptops, etc.  The lady wanted to make an appointment for them to call.  I asked if that means they wanted to come in, but she said the appointment could be in the garden.  Bob was not going to be here for the day they were suggesting and, as I was suspicious, I passed her over to Bob to get his view.  He was told that they would need to see burglar alarms, detectors, etc.  He was given a case number.  Each time Bob mentioned the police the lady seemed to back off a bit.  It was left that someone would call back to make an appointment for the following day.

I didn’t have anyone’s name and, unfortunately, the phone number didn’t show on our phone due to a BT upgrade, but someone has since called back to make the appointment.  I told them my Husband was out and they gave me a number to ring to make the appointment, but I won’t speak to them again now that we have that information.

We then tried to get Neighbourhood Watch, without success, so called 101.  The lady there made a report, told me to have nothing more to do with Crime Awareness UK by phone or at the door and to keep doors locked.  She then passed me to Action Fraud, who also made a report.

Out of interest, I was told by Action Fraud that you can check telephone numbers to see if they have been reported as scam numbers at:-  This website also tells you some details about the calls.

Friday, 4 September 2020

Drive-In Movie Night

Thu 24 Sep 2020 6:45 pm - 10:30 pm
Church Lane, Stapleford, SG14 3PA


Rocketman is an epic musical fantasy charting Elton John's early, breakthrough years. It is an inspirational biopic about his life and music, beginning at a crucial moment of emotion and flux ... and then backtracking to show us how he got there. 

The film follows the transformational journey of a shy piano-playing prodigy from Watford, a journey that saw the metamorphosis of an unremarkable Reginald Dwight into the international superstar Elton John. A string of Elton John's most beloved songs are performed by Taron Egerton, telling the story of the small-town boy who became one of the world's most iconic pop figures. 

ROCKETMAN also stars Jamie Bell as the long time lyricist and writing partner Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden as Elton's first manager, John Reid, and Bryce Dallas Howard as Elton's mother Sheila Farebrother. 

The Rotary Club of Hertford Shires and the Little Hadham Village Hall Volunteers invite you to a Film Night in support of Rotary Good Causes and Little Hadham Village Hall. 

Come and watch ROCKETMAN in a field. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

CAREbank September News


This month in CAREbank there is a focus on -

A big thank you to all residents who have already shared their views via our social connection & internet access survey.

Top line results from the survey will be available on our website at: next month along with ideas for a community led recovery plan.

Supporting residents & groups post lockdown via our village halls, other venues & online access will be a key aim, so please continue to feed back honest views about what you feel is and is not needed to or call Claire.

Everything you say will remain confidential and please remember your individual views are key to influencing how digital access and social prescribing are taken forward across our rural communities to help us all navigate living well alongside Covid-19.

You can keep track of the bigger Herts recovery picture at: with a current focus on ‘Play Your Part’ by sharing safety, social distancing & testing info.

For those who were asked to shield until August, you are still encouraged to stay at home as much possible and continue to take precautions when outside. Details can be found at:

A new NHS website for those who have had Covid -19 & their families, to help them navigate their recovery from it's long-term effects is at:

There is a focus on future proofing the NHS by encouraging younger people to plan for a health career at:

Monday, 3 August 2020

East Herts Healthy Hub

Healthy Hub provides a range of support for different health and wellbeing needs in East Herts.

The Healthy Hub East Herts will be based at the East Herts Council Wallfields Offices, Hertford and at Charringtons House, Bishop’s Stortford and you will be able to speak to colleagues about the services on offer during the normal opening times of 08:30 - 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Healthy Hub Services
Support will be available to help with a range of health and wellbeing needs. The services available through the healthy hubs include:

- Healthy lifestyle advice including stop smoking, nutrition advice and opportunities to be more physically active.

- Group support and presentations focused on health and wellbeing themes.

- Services offered by Citizens Advice East Herts Service who are also based at the East Herts Wallfields Office.

- Mental health and wellbeing referral to local services.

- Referral to specific wellbeing support

- Referral to training and skills opportunities with local providers.

Become a member of the Healthy Hub
To sign up to become a member of the Healthy Hub East Herts please complete our Healthy Hub East Herts Enquiry Form here.

If you've signed up, tell others what you think about Healthy Hub by posting a message below.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

CAREbank August News


This month in CAREbank there is a focus on -


Recovering from Covid-19
We are asking residents to share their views on how they feel about social connections and internet access as this will be a key aspect of our collective recovery from the impact of Covid-19. This short confidential survey is being carried out across the Hadhams, Hamlets, Pelhams & Albury with the support of Much Hadham Health Centre and our County Cllr, and we would really value your immediate input.

Your personal views are vital to help shape how our village communities take forward social prescribing to support residents as they come out of lockdown via our village halls and other venues, so we would really value your honest input about what you feel is needed.

If you live in the survey's catchment area you will receive a survey form through your door.


Stay socially connected whilst you continue to practice social distancing with online activities & wellbeing information at: Many local groups & societies are discovering new ways of connecting.

You can find an A- Z of alternative hobbies to try whilst regular groups & societies are unable to meet up. Updates on local groups & societies will be posted on the CAREbank website.

Online quiz hosted by Rotary for residents and groups to connect with one another. Contact below.

Monday, 6 July 2020

CAREbank July News


This month in CAREbank there is a focus on -

• Building your emotional resilience
Look at the 'emotional bubbles' below and check out how you are feeling. Is there something you can do right now to move you along to a different bubble on the chart?

•Staying safe as lockdown eases
The national and local govt guidelines are updated regularly.

• Social connections to help mental health
Keep talking to friends & family, face to face or online is best if you can and check out the resources on our wellbeing topics page.

• A-Z of local groups & new hobbies
Whilst our village halls stay closed, try a new hobby & keep an eye on what is happening locally.

• Boosting your immune system
Check out the evidence on why looking after yourself can help you stay safer.

• Coping with loss
Dealing with Anxiety, Grief & Bereavement during Coivd-19.  Extensive suppirt pack available to download.


• Living with memory concerns

Normal Ageing vs Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

• Village Covid-19 Diary
View the latest diary entries at:

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Phone Scam Alert

One of our residents has reported the following telephone scam attempt;

"Just to let you know that there were 2 attempted scam calls today to my 01279- number. Call starts with recorded message stating ‘ this is your internet provider, We have detected illegal activity on your network - your firewall has been breached. Your internet will be cut off shortly due to this. Please press ‘1’ to speak to a technical executive’ … etc

On the first call my husband (who installed our network router and firewall (!) ) pressed ‘1’ - and he had a fun time baiting the caller and asking him to prove he was from BT Openreach before the fraudster eventually told him to 'F**K Off’. and hung up. A second call from a different number showed up as ‘International’ on my phone, but was logged as a domestic number - obviously spoofed from West Africa, India or some other ‘usual scam suspects’ country - same message. I did not press ‘1’, and waited. Caller hung up.

I reported both calls to BT and Action-Fraud and received a Crime Number from the latter.

The 2 numbers spoofed by the attempted fraudsters were: 01265740725 and 01243421320. Both now blocked by BT on my line - but they appear not to do universal blocking or take this very seriously at all, based on the call I had with BT customer service.

I am alerting you to alert your buddies as the recorded message is in a posh English accent and sounds quite convincing. The ’technical executive’ my husband spoke to spoke with heavily-accented English and was obviously following a script to deal with the challenges my husband raised (such as ‘ what does ’the firewall has been breached mean? How?’) - the fraudster clearly did not have any actual technical network expertise or answers. However, for someone unlike my husband or me, someone who does not know anything about networks or internet, this could be very distressing, and they could end up giving away passwords etc."

If you have had similar experiences please post to them to this blog so others can see them.