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Tuesday 23 August 2022

CAREbank News September 2022



Want to get to sleep and sleep better?
Sleep problems usually sort themselves out within about a month. But longer stretches of bad sleep can start to affect our lives. It can cause extreme tiredness and make usually manageable tasks harder.

It can help to keep to regular sleep hours, create a dark, cool and quiet environment, exercise earlier in the day, take a break if you can’t sleep and do another relaxing activity, make a note of any worries, and cut down on stimulants like coffee, and screen time near bedtime.  

For more help see: https://www.nhs.uk/every-mind-matters/mental-health-issues/sleep/

Hertfordshire’s Let’s Just Talk About Sleep campaign for young people and families, highlights the importance of sleep and shares advice on how to get the right amount. 

For more info see: 

Women’s Health
Women live on average longer than men but spend more of their life in poor health, often limiting their ability to work and participate in day-to-day activities.  We need to make it as easy as possible for women to access services they need, to keep girls in school and women in the workplace, ensuring every woman has the opportunity to live her life to her fullest potential. The Women's Health Strategy aims to tackle deep-rooted, systemic issues within the health and care system to improve the health and wellbeing of women, and reset how the health and care system listens to women. 

For more info see:

Drinking more lately?
Check how healthy your drinking is with this quick quiz at: https://alcoholchange.org.uk/alcohol-facts/interactive-tools/check-your-drinking 

If you need free, confidential support contact Spectrum at: https://www.changegrowlive.org/spectrum-hertfordshire-drug-alcohol-services/alcohol-telecoms

Here are some tips to make it easier to cut down:

▪ Book 3-4 drink free days each week into your diary
▪ Don’t drink before dinner
▪ Try some of the great no or low alcohol drinks now available, or create your own mocktails
▪ Reduce stress in other ways, an activity or meditation 
▪ Smaller glasses – yes, it does work
▪ Purchase a limited amount instead of bulk buying. 

Protect your money from fraudsters
Get Safe Online have produced a website checker. Simply type or paste in the website address and click “Check this site”. You can also find out how to stay safe when using internet and mobile banking too.


Other help to manage the cost of living is available from, Herts County Council at: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/news/news-archive/help-to-manage-the-cost-of-living

The healing power of plants
A study by sciencedirect.com reported a wide range of health outcomes from gardening, for example reductions in depression, anxiety, and body mass index, as well as increases in life satisfaction, quality of life, and sense of community. Even indoor plants can improve mental and physical health providing emotional benefits. Some plants can remove pollutants from a room.  

Find out how to care for indoor plants with these videos at:

Click here to to download a pdf of the September News

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