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Tuesday 3 May 2022


Help someone who is feeling lonely
Loneliness is something that can affect us all, young or old, at any point in our lives. There are plenty of simple actions you can take to help lift someone out of loneliness and in doing so, it might help you to feel less lonely too.

New ‘live safely with Covid’ campaign

• be kind – respect people wearing masks or keeping their distance
• be informed – know your level of risk and get good, trusted advice on managing it
• be vaccinated or boosted – ensure you are vaccinated when invited

• be safe – manage your risk when socially mixing (hands, face, space, fresh air)
• be prepared – if you get Covid, stay at home and get early treatment,
• be supported – Herts Help offer support on 0300 123 4044

Develop your strength and fitness
We should do muscle strengthening exercises twice a week. Carrying food shopping in from the car or walking uphill may help  build strength.
Plyometric training involves jumping and skipping and improves strength, muscle size & speed, and coordination.