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Saturday 1 May 2021

Your May 2021 Top 5

1.  Do you dislike rubbish outside yours & your neighbour’s homes?
How about getting together a small group for a litter pick.

2.  Do you have things you'd like to see donated to Isabel Hospice?
Quality clothing, jewellery, ornaments, vinyl records, vintage toys, camera equipment could be picked up monthly from our Village Hall car park.

3.  Would you like a nicer seating area near the playground, or have ideas of how it could look or be cared for?
Why not start a small group, and if you come up with some ideas, our parish council can help make it happen. 

4.  Would you like to see a regular pop-up kitchen cafe for breakfast, lunches, coffee/afternoon teas at the Village Hall? 
You could volunteer or even work for Copley's, who could run this service for the good of our whole community.

5.  Would you like to see a regular outdoor and indoor activity for our elderly and lonely?
Why not offer to help run a weekly walk or indoor event at the VH with Bingo, Card games, Scrabble or jigsaws?

Our recent project with the Small Acts of Kindness charity is a great example of a community coming together to help one another.

If you have any comments/suggestions, or would like more info on any of these, then contact Claire on 07595 674241 or if you think some funding would make all the difference, contact Penny on 07719 589993 to see if the Parish Council may be able to help.

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