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Home for Ukraine
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Sunday 20 March 2022

Support for Ukraine


As we all do our bit in these terrible times some coordination is being organised to offer support and practical help to the people of Ukraine.

We are forming a community group for any Ukrainian refugees that are accommodated here through the government's ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, which was announced in March, so that they, and host families, all have a network to support one another. We are connecting to key community services, ie: NHS, council, church, to ensure dots are joined up to help meet the needs of these vulnerable people.  If you have offered a space in your home and are matched with a family in need, please contact Claire on 07595 674241 or email at: claire.uwins@mac.com to be added to the group.

In addition if anyone has any useful skills to offer;  professional counselling or can speak Ukranian, hairdressing etc… anything else that might help, please let the group know if you are willing to volunteer some time to help if needed?

In these difficult times we all feel helpless and upset by what we are seeing unfold. Whatever you can give, whether it be it space in your home, some of your time or financial aid, will go some way to helping the Ukrainian people in their hour of need. Please donate useful items or money generously to the key charities that are organising relief and support such as the Red Cross or DEC.



To find out more about the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme including what financial support is on offer, please visit:


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